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About the Journal:
“Journal of Managerial Diplomacy and Business Excellence” (JMDBE) — “a new and innovative international peer reviewed
The world is moving from being an information society to becoming a knowledge society. In an increasingly boundaryless world, a strong
and credible research ecosystem within a country is essential to ensure that research relevant to the local context does not get pushed to the
back burner.
There are challenges in synergizing various disciplines into one with innovative ideas and research in the academic circle. Innovation and
Research in the Multi-disciplinary field of study can play a very distinct role in bringing about this synergy.
Indian B-schools, aspiring to produce pioneering business research, have incentivized research publications with an objective to foster
research culture. B-schools contributed enormously in providing talented human resources for business and prospered along with economic
growth. In this regard the Indian B-schools have to align themselves to the country’s vision and focus on making their teaching, training and
research strategically aligned.
Objective of the Journal: One of the major objectives of research publication is its help individuals to increase their knowledge and the
latest happenings across different functional areas such as Analytics, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology so on
and so forth and apply it to teaching pedagogy so as to enable students to face the future challenges of the world. The key focus is given to
the emerging sectors and research which discusses application and usability in various groups and society in general.
JMDBE is similar to all other quality academic journals, which uses double-blind peer review with rigorous evaluation criteria through an
editorial review board consisting of accomplished scholars representing a wide range of scholarly achievements globally. The editorial board
members are drawn upon their individual and collective knowledge, talent and judgment to select and review the quality of papers.
Aim and Scope:
The JMDBE is a quarterly multi-disciplinary international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in the fields of Economics,
Commerce, Management, Education, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work and other Social Sciences and Computer Applications on the basis
of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. The journal also
provides rapid, authoritative, insightful and arresting new insights and interpretations of latest trends in research.
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