" People who grew in difficult circumstances and yet are successful have one thing in common; at a critical juncture in their adolescence, they had a positive relationship with a caring adult" - Bill Clinton, former President of the USA.

Dayanand Sagar Business School understands very clearly that successful graduates of business schools require the grooming touch of a Corporate Mentor during their formative years of study. The world of business and the world of work are changing dynamically and these changes put new pressures and bring fresh imperative to fresh business graduates.

The DSBS Corporate Mentorship Program CMP is designed to address these very imperatives. Seasoned Corporate Executives help students develop themselves, out of the curriculum, through guided interactions which help them strengthen and benefit them by helping accrue

1. Greater understanding of the total organisational perspective

2. Sharpening and problem-solving skills and approaches

3. Personality Development through Role-modelling

4. A positive Orientation towards continuous learning

Corporate Mentors

Dr. Rajshekar Krishnan
Founder Director of Wayda Consultants (OPC) Private Limited.
IBM Management & Leadership Consultant
Dr. Ravi Segal
Former Managing, Director
GE Energy & Management Consultant
Ms. Priyanka Mehrotra
Delivery Head
Mr. Pradeep Gadadhara
Zonal Manager
Mr Ashutosh Kumar Singh
Project Head
Elegance Enterprise Ltd