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The DSBS Placements maintains tight relationships with all parties involved, including alumni, faculty, industry, and students. The institution goal is to help students find employment possibilities by serving as a liaison between students and businesses. Through carefully planned initiatives and training programs that close the skill gaps between students and industry expectations, the institution is able to accomplish this goal. DSBS Placements manages its stakeholders through a win-win model, via Talent Connect (Placement Drive) and Skill Capital (Internship Drive). Through the creation of a platform for students and business to interact and realise shared goals, DSBS is able to place every student.


Placement Committee- PlaceCom Pro-X

Since students at Dayanand Sagar Business School, Bangalore are seen as the real torch bearers of the business school, the institute created the first student-led placement committee of its kind, called ”PlaceCom Pro-X”, which essentially, “of the students, by the students, and for the students”.

The fact that a student at Dayanand Sagar Business School is encouraged to own up to and make important decisions regarding their career as well as for their fellow classmates shows that the institution consistently fosters leadership and inclusiveness qualities in its students.

A Five-person, self-committed Placement Team called “PlaceCom Pro-X” is in charge of the crucial placement-related tasks, having its president as a strong, self-committed individual functioning towards the placement. Each of the five members oversees five crucial major verticals, which are as follows.