X-Pert Talk

Stepping into the Future

Date :18/07/2023

Guest Lecture :Mr Jayaram –DGM Business Standard

As part of orientation today we had a session to our PGDM students on “Stepping into Future” by Mr. Jayaram DGM Business Standard, Bangalore. The session was insightful and interactive with more real as well as live examples, Mr .Jayaram introduced 3 P’s, 3 C’s, and 2 D’s to our students. To be more clear on them, 3P’s are - patience , perseverance & persuasion, 3 C’s are - consistency, commitment & creativity, 2D’s - determination & dedication, he said to follow the above three principles which will lead to success path , moreover he also said that keep your eyes & ears open that will help to you to observe and grow in career. Then he introduced an app called “Business Standard “, BSmart App which will fetch our students day to day business updates, case studies, Quizzes, training videos etc. to enhance our student knowledge.

Cracking the linkdIn code, navigating the platform on career success

Date :10/07/2023

A great and very insightful session on "Cracking the linkdIn code, navigating the platform on career success" by Suma Annegowda, this workshop for better understanding of linkdin platform to create vibrant workplace networks for students, which helps our students to get the hands on experience, which will help our students to enhance their brand through the social media platform as linkedin, easy way to connect the public and needy people in the society.

Orientation session on Successful Problem Solving, ideation and Human Values

Date :10/7/2023

Dr. R Krishna sir has took session on “Successful Problem Solving, ideation and Human Values, he is a management consultant -RM services Bangalore. To bring the change in students and to know what it takes to be a problem solver in a corporate world and also in personal life, It was very informative session he has more than 40 years of experience in various fields and he worked as Dean& Director in the various B Schools and he had trained more number of employees and students in his career.

He began the session with the concept of pencil parable. The pencil maker took each pencil aside, just before putting it into a box. “There are five things you need to know before I send it you into the world, and he gave some real examples where people had problems and how they conquered. He believe not to compare with anybody but compare yourself with your past where we were and where we are right now.

According to him doing unknowingly is a mistake but doing knowingly is a crime. Smooth Roads Never Make Good Driver, Smooth Sea Never Makes Good Sailors, Clear Skies Never Make Good Pilots, And Problems Free Life Never Makes A Strong And Good Person. Be Strong Enough to Accept the Challenges of Life. Don't Ask Life Why ME? Instead Say Try ME...

Campus to Corporate

Date :8/7/2023

Time: 2pm to 4 pm

Today we had a session conducted by Mr. Veer Mishra, who was an alumni of Dayananda Sagar Business School of the batch 2011-2013. He is a director and has attended too many conferences as a representative, to name few he has been to The USA, UK and Dubai and the list goes on.

He being as an alumni shared a lot of his experiences which was too much perception changing towards positive goals. He shared about his PGDM journey and the benefits of the modules included in this course which uplifted his skills and made him determined. He also told us how this PGDM course was helpful to build his career in Marketing and sales.

He was really very generous and helpful by addressing our queries regarding the course and what connection this PGDM course has got with the corporate world. He made us to get a clear point of view and understanding, how this course is important from others and how beneficial it is, where as in PGDM they developed the skills and make us ready as a industry oriental person as well as self-growth.

To conclude this session was very good and informative and comforting as Mr.Veer Mishra was our alumni as we are walking through his paths once he had.

Thank you


Imperatives of Management Education for Future Leaders

Date :8/7/23

Time: 10 am to 12:30 pm

Guest Name: Dr. M.S.Balaji - CHRO & ED, PCC Coach, Asia Power Leader, Bangalore.

Dr M S Balaji Sir have stated session with imperatives of management skills, shared the lot of examples how things work out in the current corporate world, he has brought different experience and shared how employees will adhere to the management practices in the corporate, he has kept the session in a very interesting way by giving useful insights on the leadership and management skills.

He has covered the various imperatives like Embrace new experiences, Adopt deliberate practice and reflection, Learn from others, Foster a growth mind set, Leverage emotions, Optimise stress, Practice mindfulness and Enact behavioural commitments.

Moreover, the session was not only helpful for the professional life though that also helped to our students develop the personal life and face new challenges. The session included Neurological level of change, Leadership Levels, How to develop a leadership level, Task Behaviours, Relationship Behaviours , self-esteem Matrix and Rules for success, The session was a complete package what an individual he/she need to practice to modify his/her character .

Experiential learning at different strategic places in Bangalore

Date :7/7/23

Today “Experiential learning” started with lots of excitement, as part of this we visited few places in the city, “Dodda Ganesha Temple”is the first place that we visited which is situated at the Bangalore of south zone, the Ganesh idol in the temple was very tall and huge it gave an amazing feel when we saw it, “Dodda Basavana Gudi / Big bull temple “was the 2nd one in the visit list. The bull referred to is a sacred Hindu demi-god, known as Nandi; Nandi is a close devotee and attendant of Shiva. Dodda Basavana Gudi is said to be one of the biggest temple to Nandi in the world. We all had a great time visiting this and architecture was mesmerising.

As a part of the visit we also pop in on “Shiva temple (Bedar Kannappa)” Where we were surprised seeing the great traditional rituals followed to offer Pooja to lord shiva . This visit made our mind calm and felt relaxed. “Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace”, in Bangalore was other place which we witnessed. The structure was built entirely teak and stands adorned with pillars, arches and balconies. It is believed that Tipu Sultan used to conduct his durbar (court) from the eastern and western balconies of the upper floor. The Horticulture Department, Government of Karnataka, maintains the area in front of the palace as a garden and lawn.

Next place that we drop round to see was “ISKCON Bangalore, Sri Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple “. The temple has three stage resemble three avatars of Krishna and in top Krishna along with Balarama deity there. Witnessing this temple was eye feast.

Another place that we drive round was “vidhana soudha”, that Sri Kengal Hanumanthaiya wanted "Vidhana Soudha" to symbolise the legislative sovereignty of the people like the capital in Washington or The House of Commons in London. The then Prime Minister Sri Pandit Jawaharalal Nehru laid the foundation on 13th July 1951.

Last place that we ended up at “Lalbagh Botanical Garden “ is an botanical garden in Bangalore there we got to see many different types of plants and tress the garden is maintained very well and that makes us to feel pleasant .

As a part of experiential learning we had an amazing experience visiting all different places and knowing new things.

Write-up prepared by
Dr. Sekappa N Makkalageri
Miss. Divya –PGDM 1st Trimester

Accountability & Responsibility

- Mr. V. Anantha Ramaiah (HRD Consultant & Trainer Choice Management Consultant, Bangalore.)

Date :05/07/23

Time: 10am to 12:30 pm & 2pm to 4 pm

Venue: DSBS AV Room

The session started with the most important aspect required in life that is the “Time management”. He made it clear by saying Time management is equal to self-management. Moreover he also gave us an insight to transform ourselves from good to great with a great line “Good is the enemy of great”.

He highlighted the capacity of the intellectual capacity of our country and briefed the reasons why many other smaller nations than us are ahead of us in terms of development economy etc. And Execution gap is what making us stand far to be a better person to achieve it start practising and shape yourself to see Better you. To attain it we must be “accountable and responsible “.

Accountability means who will be answerable in case there arises a problem at the workplace, one cannot delegate accountability. Responsibility is something which Duties - Works -Performance- execution One can delegate responsibility. By trying to understand this and adding it your practice we can become a proactive from being a reactive. And it was illustrated with the projection of a video of a press conference by Dr .Abdul Kalam.

We are really grateful that we were able to interact with Mr. V. Anantha Ramaiah sir who has given us the teachings which we can hold onto till the end of our lives. We would like to thank wholeheartedly to our respected director Dr. B S Patil sir and Dr Shekar N Makkalageri sir for arranging this session.

Prepared By
1. Ms Shilpa -1st Trimester PGDM
2. Ms Divya – 1st Trimester PGDM

Business Research Using Data Analytics-Selecting the Right Approach

Date : 9th May 2023. Saturday

Time: 9.30 AM To 12.00 PM

Venue: DSBS Board Room

Topic: Business Research Using Data Analytics-Selecting the Right Approach

Guest Speaker: MR Alok Chakravarthy

We had a wonderful session on how to write research proposal and what are the contents with significant points which we need to concentrate while writing the synopsis. Guest speaker Mr Alok Chakravarthy, with his vast experience in Data Analytics as well as academic experience demonstrated the use of analytics in the process of research.

Apart from this Sir also emphasized the need of analytics as well as to inculcate the aptitude to learn analytics and the usage of softwares in the current era of analytics. The speaker is Experienced Data Science professional at IBM, Associated with B-Schools and currently interested in SMAC: Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Cloud Computing, ERP, SCM & E Commerce. He has been awarded with “Big Data Engineer-Explorer” award for 2019 at IBM for demonstrating the ability to use Big Data methodologies to collect & analyse large amounts of data from different sources, using IBM Watson Studio and Open Source Tools.

Every industry goal is to go beyond knowing what has happened to providing a best assessment of what will happen in the future. He also emphasized the need to learn Predictive Analytics as well as to apply at work place.


All Dayananda Sagar Business School (DSBS) students and faculties were honored to invite Dr. Y Muralidhar Reddy for an expert talk on "Innovation & Start-Up Ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs". In his session, he focused on the 4Ms: Manpower, Money, Machinery, and Materials. Among these aspects, Manpower emerged as the most crucial element for starting a business or any startup. As the saying goes, "People invest in people," emphasizing the importance of having capable individuals involved. With the right people on board, financial constraints become less significant. Furthermore, striving for innovation can greatly increase revenue even in a seemingly simple business area. Small changes in a product can have a profound impact on the market. Our DSBS students had many takeaways from this session and thanks to Dr. Y Muralidhar Reddy sir for this informative and engaging session.

Xpert Talk - Various Aspects of HR Functions

Mr. Shravan Kumar B.N. is a highly accomplished human resource professional who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Samsung Electronics, Price Waterhouse Cooper's, Hewlett Packard, CSC, Polaroid Software Lab, DSL Software, and Hindustan Motors. With his expertise in setting up entire recruitment functions and hands-on experience in developing, implementing, and deploying policies, procedures, and recruitment manuals, Mr. Kumar is a true HR guru.

Recently, Mr. Kumar was invited as a guest lecturer to share his knowledge and experiences with students. The lecture covered topics related to HR roles and key functions that HR does. Mr. Kumar explained the recruitment process, including how to attract and retain top talent, as well as how to handle various stages of the recruitment process. He also answered the doubts of all the students, which made the lecture even more interactive and informative.

He explained complex concepts in simple terms, making them easy for students to understand. He also shared practical examples from his experience to illustrate the importance of HR in the success of an organization. The lecture was not only informative but also engaging, and students left with a better understanding of the HR function. His lecture was informative, engaging, and a true testament to his knowledge in the field.

Xpert Talk series

Mrs. Madhumati Tippimath, a certified Soft Skills and Image Consultant and former Mrs. Karnataka runner-up, recently gave an expert talk on corporate readiness for young leaders. The session covered several important aspects of personality development, such as grooming, dressing appropriately for different occasions, color coordination, and footwear. Mrs. Tippimath emphasized the significance of grooming and its impact on one's image and success in the corporate world. She also discussed different levels of formal wear and how to mix and match various clothing items to create different looks. During her session, Mrs. Tippimath highlighted the importance of wearing the right shoes for different occasions, such as formal meetings, networking events, and client visits. The interactive and informative session provided valuable insights for young professionals to navigate the corporate world with confidence and style.

Mrs. Tippimath's Soft Skills and Image Consulting expertise shone through as she shared her knowledge and answered questions, making the session a beneficial learning experience for all attendees.

Expert Talk:

'Level Up Your Life by Mr.Santosh Menon' - Training Consultant with Dale Carnegie Training India.