Outreach Program- Ananda Vihar Seniors Home & Home Nursing Services at Bannergatta Road Bangalore

Date :12/07/2023

Today with our PGDM Students Batch 2023-25, We have visited Ananda Vihar Seniors Home & Home Nursing Services at Bannergatta Road Bangalore as a part of outreach program, our students have interacted with old age peoples and they have also shared their experiences, students played some games activities like songs, dance, mimicry and asked some questions, our students have gained the social experiential learning from this event.

It is one of the leading businesses in the Institutions for Aged. Also known for Institutions for Aged, Home Nursing Services, Patient Care Taker Services, and Physiotherapist for Home Visits, Senior Citizen Care Taker Services, Nursing Services, and Home Nursing Services for Senior Citizen, Nurse Bureaus and much more.

As a part of orientation program today we visited an old age home called “ ANANDA VIHAR “ . As we entered the old age home, we were struck by the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The residents went about their activities calmly, and there was a sense of serenity in the air.

We observed the residents participating in various activities throughout the day. Some are were socializing with their peers. A group of residents was engaged in group exercises, which was heartening to see. It was evident that the staff at the home made an effort to keep the residents engaged and active.

We spent some time interacting with the residents and listening to their stories. They shared their experiences, both happy and sad, and it was humbling to hear them. Spending time with them made me realize the importance of valuing our elderly and the impact that a small gesture of kindness can have on their lives.

As we all went in a group we all planned to entertain them in our own ways like singing, dancing, moreover we planned some interesting games like pass the ball etc . We all had a great time with them and we all served the food at the end. In conclusion, my visit to the old age home was an enriching experience. It made me appreciate the elderly and their contributions to society, and also made me aware of the challenges they face. we left the home with a sense of gratitude and respect for the residents and the staff who take care of them.