Gallery - Inter Collegiate Competitions

Ramaiah Management Fest- Takshak 2K23

PGDM students of Batch 2022-24 had an exciting and engaging experience participating in the Takshak 2K23 Management Fest organized by Ramaiah Institute of Management College. The theme of "Perceptions" is an interesting and relevant one, and it's great that the students were able to explore and engage with it through the various activities and events of the fest.
Participating in such events and competitions can be a valuable learning experience for students, helping them to develop their skills and knowledge in a real-world context. It can also provide them with opportunities to network with other students and professionals in the industry, gaining valuable insights and connections. Students have Won Second Runner up in Entrepreneurship Competitions.
Overall, the PGDM students of Batch 2022-24 had a rewarding and enriching experience at the Takshak 2K23 Management Fest.

Sur Sangram Fest @ Surana College, Bangalore

Surana College, Bangalore organized an event where different colleges and universities competed against each other in various fields such as academics, sports, cultural activities, and more. The overall achievement in the Management competition was earned by the DSBS students. Which made them the winner of the overall 1st runner-up Cup. Seven of our students successfully secured second positions in the Marketing field as well as the general management field. The DSBS family is very proud of our students and their achievements. We encourage them to participate in more such events and raise the flag of DSBS.