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Industry Visit-KMF Mother Dairy Yelahanka Bangalore

Date: 13/07/2023

Today Our PGDM 2023-25 batch students visited the KMF Mother Dairy Yelahanka, Bangalore as a part of Industry visit, they have gone through various process, Made an observation how the different products manufactured in the different divisions, Mother Dairy, has a network of retailers through whom milk is sold to the consumers. Further, it has satellite modern format joints to sell various varieties of milk and 'Nandini' brand of long shelf life and short shelf life milk products numbering around 50. The sale joints are branded as "Nandini Milk Shoppee". Also, cold chain network which is a prerequisite for sale of milk and milk products has been established in 4 strategic locations of Bengaluru city as "Walk in cold store" to ensure un-interrupted and constant milk supply to retailers/consumers.

The Dairy has undertaken manufacturing of improvised quality of Paneer, Yogurt as well as flavoured milk in bottles. Plans are also under way for automated production of above milk products and UHT Milk in the immediate future. There is a plan drawn up for putting in the market ready-to-eat foods "Retorted" and having appreciable content of milk and milk products.

Mother Dairy cares for quality, hygiene and food safety and hence the dairy was certified for ISO 9001-2000 during the year 2000 and has been certified for ISO 22000-2005 during 2008, The Dairy has Export Licence for Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Dairy Whitener, Ghee and Butter, The Dairy has embarked on Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation Programme and have been suitably recognized by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India and KREDL, Karnataka.

Time being the essence of working Mother Dairy has brought the activities under LAN by adopting appropriate technology, Any business enterprises assessed for its status on the financial performance and Mother Dairy fully believes in this philosophy and has constantly posted positive financial results ever since its existence.

Our PGDM Students have learnt the hands on experience during the orientation before starting the academic courses, it will helps them when classes starts at the time of handling the sessions with case study, workshop activities, role plays and concept and model based study can be relates to the company process in the easy way and make the different strategic analysis as the part of the course.


Date: 6th July, 2023

We have visited the Sunzone Solar system India Pvt Ltd, Muneshwara Industrial Layout, Paradapalya village, Tavarekere Hobli, Bangalore, It was established in the year 1998 and with over 24 years of business, Orange - a Sun Zone product is a leading solar water heater manufacturing plant in India. The MD of the company is Mr. Devender sir has a strong vision and passion towards using renewable energy in order to pave the path for sustainable development. This vision and passion are evident in the unit as everything is well planned and most importantly efficiently executed. In addition, the exceptional explanation of the various processes in the company by the Technical Head, Mr. Pratap Reddy clearly portrayed the hard work and the quality of manpower in the unit. The questions and doubts raised by the students during the visit were answered clearly and patiently.

The manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest technology which contributes to the quality of the product and effective use of time. Each step of the process was demonstrated wonderfully by the employees to help us understand the process better. As mentioned in their website, the company is dedicated to improving environmental friendliness by rooting on to the core values of the company. Moreover, students not only learnt about the process but also learnt the significance of following ethics in business in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Overall, it was a great experience to look at the entire process of converting mere raw materials into a finished product and having an opportunity to interact with a successful entrepreneur.

Its great lesson for our students to think ethically, professionally, honesty and uniqueness among themselves will help to become entrepreneur in their future career.

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