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Global Faculty Series: "Three Investments for Career Success" by Dr. Prashanth H. Southekal, PhD (ESC Lille, France), MBA (Kellogg School of Management), Founder DBP - Institute, Canada.

Dr. Prashanth H. Southekal, PhD, MBA from Kellogg School of Management and founder of DBP-Institute-Canada, delivered a session on "3 Investments for Career Success" to the PGDM students at Dayananda Sagar Business School (DSBS), Bangalore. He shared his experiences on how to invest in oneself in order to develop career goals that will enable students to become a future global leader. He is of the view that improving one's career objectives required investment in oneself through goal setting, information and networking. Dr. Prashanth asserts that by prioritizing self-investment, students might observe a positive impact on their finances, careers, hobbies, and general well-being. A good life and assuring a brighter future depend on valuing time, investing in knowledge and enhancing one's networking horizon. In today’s world information and networking is the power which can be life changing if we properly invest our time into these aspects. We at DSBS heartfully thank Dr. Prashanth for taking his time to visit us and spend quality time with students and faculty to make them understand what world is expecting from them.

Global Immersion Program 2023

DSBS 2nd Year Students successfully completed the Global Immersion Program to Dubai. The one week long visit was focused on learning Global Strategic Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship. Students had an opportunity to Visit- World biggest Apple Inc, Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Campus, Intel Innovation Centre at Dubai. They gained hands on exposure to various Business Activity at International Trade Task at Mall of Emirates and Global Sellers Task at Global Village Dubai. Finally students made presentation of their assessment to demonstrate their learning and experience during the programme. The assessment was in the form of an interesting submission of a vlog showcasing the work done, pictures, videos, material collected from local businesses, contacts, visits etc. For DSBS PGDM students travel and experience are education in themselves.

Global Faculty Series" by Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz, Director - Humanistic Management Center, Switzerland

Foreign Educational Tour

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