Students club


The Finance Club is a vibrant, welcoming group of students who are interested in money. Our goal is to provide students with the information, abilities, and contacts they need to succeed in the rapidly changing financial industry. The club provides a variety of activities and events for both new and experienced financial enthusiasts. For those interested in learning about the nuances of money management and delving deeply into the realm of finance, this group is for them.


The Marketing Club is a thriving group of aspiring strategists, designers, and marketers. We are committed to building a space where students can interact, share knowledge, and develop new ideas in the fascinating area of social media marketing. The goal of this club is to stimulate students interest in marketing while using the extensive experience of its members from a variety of fields and businesses, including media, research, sales, branding, and advertising


The HR Student Club is your entryway into the exciting field of human resources and personnel administration. This club explores the real blend behind the prosperous organisations, the skill of creating a stimulating and enjoyable work environment, and the tactics supporting efficient personnel management.This club host case competitions where participants work in teams to analyze and solve real- world HR-related challenges. These competitions help students develop problem-solving skills and gain hands-on experience in addressing HR issues.


By learning about the craft of origami, the sounds of traditional drums, the flavours of other cuisines, the histories that have shaped civilizations, and many other topics, members of our Cultural Club can establish friendly connections with peers from many backgrounds. Through this group, we introduce students to the fascinating tapestry of cultural traditions, languages, and practises that make up our college community. The club seeks to promote intercultural awareness and understanding by hosting interesting events, engaging workshops, and captivating performances.