Xpert Talk - Various Aspects of HR Functions

Mr. Shravan Kumar B.N. is a highly accomplished human resource professional who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Samsung Electronics, Price Waterhouse Cooper's, Hewlett Packard, CSC, Polaroid Software Lab, DSL Software, and Hindustan Motors. With his expertise in setting up entire recruitment functions and hands-on experience in developing, implementing, and deploying policies, procedures, and recruitment manuals, Mr. Kumar is a true HR guru.

Recently, Mr. Kumar was invited as a guest lecturer to share his knowledge and experiences with students. The lecture covered topics related to HR roles and key functions that HR does. Mr. Kumar explained the recruitment process, including how to attract and retain top talent, as well as how to handle various stages of the recruitment process. He also answered the doubts of all the students, which made the lecture even more interactive and informative.

He explained complex concepts in simple terms, making them easy for students to understand. He also shared practical examples from his experience to illustrate the importance of HR in the success of an organization. The lecture was not only informative but also engaging, and students left with a better understanding of the HR function. His lecture was informative, engaging, and a true testament to his knowledge in the field.

Xpert Talk series

Mrs. Madhumati Tippimath, a certified Soft Skills and Image Consultant and former Mrs. Karnataka runner-up, recently gave an expert talk on corporate readiness for young leaders. The session covered several important aspects of personality development, such as grooming, dressing appropriately for different occasions, color coordination, and footwear. Mrs. Tippimath emphasized the significance of grooming and its impact on one's image and success in the corporate world. She also discussed different levels of formal wear and how to mix and match various clothing items to create different looks. During her session, Mrs. Tippimath highlighted the importance of wearing the right shoes for different occasions, such as formal meetings, networking events, and client visits. The interactive and informative session provided valuable insights for young professionals to navigate the corporate world with confidence and style.

Mrs. Tippimath's Soft Skills and Image Consulting expertise shone through as she shared her knowledge and answered questions, making the session a beneficial learning experience for all attendees.

Ramaiah Management Fest- Takshak 2K23

PGDM students of Batch 2022-24 had an exciting and engaging experience participating in the Takshak 2K23 Management Fest organized by Ramaiah Institute of Management College. The theme of "Perceptions" is an interesting and relevant one, and it's great that the students were able to explore and engage with it through the various activities and events of the fest.
Participating in such events and competitions can be a valuable learning experience for students, helping them to develop their skills and knowledge in a real-world context. It can also provide them with opportunities to network with other students and professionals in the industry, gaining valuable insights and connections. Students have Won Second Runner up in Entrepreneurship Competitions.
Overall, the PGDM students of Batch 2022-24 had a rewarding and enriching experience at the Takshak 2K23 Management Fest.

Sur Sangram Fest @ Surana College, Bangalore

Surana College, Bangalore organized an event where different colleges and universities competed against each other in various fields such as academics, sports, cultural activities, and more. The overall achievement in the Management competition was earned by the DSBS students. Which made them the winner of the overall 1st runner-up Cup. Seven of our students successfully secured second positions in the Marketing field as well as the general management field. The DSBS family is very proud of our students and their achievements. We encourage them to participate in more such events and raise the flag of DSBS.

The Rural Immersion Program

As part of the PGDM program, we have developed a course on 'Social and Grassroot Management' to give experiential learning to our management students. The course is about understanding Rural Livelihood, Rural Institutions, Rural Consumption patterns and Decentralized Governance and Planning, also Rural Society, and Human Relations. Such actions based experiential learning will help students to have a fair idea about another world of management which in turn makes students learn 360 degrees before they go to the corporate world. The efforts here are to give holistic and overall development of students.

Global Immersion Program 2023

DSBS 2nd Year Students successfully completed the Global Immersion Program to Dubai. The one week long visit was focused on learning Global Strategic Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship. Students had an opportunity to Visit- World biggest Apple Inc, Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Campus, Intel Innovation Centre at Dubai. They gained hands on exposure to various Business Activity at International Trade Task at Mall of Emirates and Global Sellers Task at Global Village Dubai. Finally students made presentation of their assessment to demonstrate their learning and experience during the programme. The assessment was in the form of an interesting submission of a vlog showcasing the work done, pictures, videos, material collected from local businesses, contacts, visits etc. For DSBS PGDM students travel and experience are education in themselves.

Alumni Meet 2023

DSBS hosted its first ever Alumni Meet on Saturday, 11th February 2023, at Hotel White Rock, Bangalore. The objective of this Alumni Meet was to interact with their alumni and communicate the future plans to involve them in making contributions to make the PGDM Program more vibrant. This meet gives a chance for alumni to come back and connect to their old friends and teachers, and reconnect to build their alma mater.

Global Faculty Series" by Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz, Director - Humanistic Management Center, Switzerland


Expert Talk:

'Level Up Your Life by Mr.Santosh Menon' - Training Consultant with Dale Carnegie Training India.

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